Today’s best strategy: Solo tips

Solo tips

Why bet on multiple games at once when you can make a single bet? The professional knows: Solo tips are more serious. Of course there are also strategies for combination bets, especially in the Bundesliga. However, if you really want to analyze in depth so that your soccer bet is on a solid footing, you should limit yourself to solo tips.

Solo tips

There is a certain type of weather. On Friday afternoons, 10 euros are quickly paid into the account, the quick profit is needed. Combination bets seem to be extremely effective here. Combination bets are the main source of income for all bookmakers. So it should be clear that this type of bet is not so good for customers. Especially not when you rely on quick and without lengthy analyses. The spontaneous “it’s only 10 euros” betting candidate is therefore usually a loser. To make this clear again, here is an example calculation for a combination bet in football:

  • Chelsea wins (odds 1.5), in the game Liverpool vs Tottenham by 2.5 goals (odds 1.85), Newcastle vs Crystal Palace draw (odds 3.8), Manchester United wins away (odds 1.95) and Arsenal with Asian handcaip at +1 (odds 2.25)
  • multiplies 1.5 x 1.75 x 3.5 x 1.9 x 2.2
  • Score: 46.27

The betting slip would therefore show a fantastic odds of 46.27. Is that a sure thing? It seems that with a bet of 10 euros, the profit seems to be more than 450 euros. What’s stupid is that the probability of winning is only 2%. The more games you add, the further the probability decreases. And that’s not because of the foreign football clubs: combination bets are never the best choice, not even in the Bundesliga or with tips from experts. Accumulator bets are just a bad idea unless they are made simply for the fun of betting. The expert knows: Even if you place combination bets on two or three favorites in football, you cannot boost the weak odds with that. You should simply remember two basic principles when it comes to combination bets: increased odds always mean increased risk (the more games on a betting slip, the higher the probability of a losing bet) and bookmakers set a winnings limit. This is usually 20,000 euros per bet.

Don’t just bet today, but long-term

Don't just bet today

Without patience and discipline, you won’t get very far in sports betting. Beginners like to place their betting tips every day, but this is no guarantee for successful bets. Just wait to find a suitable offer then you have a safe bet. Discipline means that you observe the markets, keep an eye on the odds and hold back when things don’t fit. It becomes difficult, especially when greed sets in at some point. Bundesliga bets, like all sports bets, should always remain just a hobby and fun. When you depend on winning, you can no longer analyze objectively. But that’s exactly what you need in order to give reliable tips as an expert. Anyone who feels like a professional because they had some beginner’s luck actually always blows their money by betting quickly and thoughtlessly. The safest recipe against this: don’t increase your stakes, but let your winnings be paid out.

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