Rumours: Low odds at bookmakers without betting tax?

Tax for low odds at bookmakers

It’s really just a rumour. Of course, the odds are not categorically lower in order to recoup the high costs of the betting tax. The odds level for bets without betting tax is often a little lower, but the difference is such that a general statement is not possible. If you want to know exactly, simply compare the providers over a longer period of time and across different bets.

If instructions are given on the Internet on how to avoid the betting tax at other betting providers, that is nonsense. An expert thinks that a foreign IP is enough because the bookie then has to assume that you are not resident in Germany and are therefore exempt from betting tax. The mistake in the train of thought: The decisive factor for tax liability is not which IP you are online with. As long as your place of residence is in Germany, you have to pay. Trying to evade taxes by misrepresenting yourself is a criminal offense, illegal, and can lead to financially painful reprisals.

Football sports betting: what is the best strategy now?

Football sports betting

Is there even a best betting strategy? At least in football, we believe there are multiple approaches. The Bundesliga is complex, so reliable tips on the round leather are not that easy. First of all: Bundesliga is popular. Football bets make up the largest part of all sports betting. This is partly due to the fact that almost everyone is a football fan these days, and partly because betting in football is considered to be a fairly simple thing. Because almost every man these days considers himself a football pro, the bets are considered easy to play. Dear men, I don’t mean that in a bad way. But just ask your neighbors. That’s (with a wink) almost a safe bet: the one on your right is just as much an expert as the one on your left, and both are at least qualified coaches for the 1st Bundesliga… Joking aside: Even if betting in football is considered easy to play apply, of course they are not. Not even in the Bundesliga, which is perhaps still manageable compared to the leagues handed out. When you look at sports betting results and read betting tips, you quickly see: it’s all sheer hubris. Most bets in football go haywire. You’ll drive better if you don’t rely on your in-depth knowledge of football, which you undoubtedly have. Rather follow the basic rules of sports betting. It’s not rocket science: Even the best tips and tricks won’t help you if you don’t have a betting strategy. You make successful bets

  • with a long-term strategy that you are not only pursuing today
  • if you observe the general principles
  • if you follow the draw strategy

One strategy for everyone? Sports betting is too complex today!

Sports betting is too complex to

There is no one best strategy that applies to all tips and bets. Because every bookmaker customer has his own principles. They are followed from the gut sometimes more and sometimes less strictly. But principles followed from the gut do not make a successful strategy! Although there are many different types of people who place sports bets, especially for the 1st Bundesliga, there are a few things that must be followed to bet safely. And that is also the experience of the betting providers: that you should pay attention to a few basic things. If you don’t pay attention to these things, football bets will hit the wall. We have put together the most important strategies for you. The short summaries allow you to read quickly and understand easily. Still applicable today!

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