Data analysis service + consulting with SPSS, R, STATA

Our data analysis service and data analytics trust and trust thousands of students, doctoral students, scientists and companies each year. They use our data analysis services & consulting for their master thesis, bachelor thesis, dissertation, scientific publication and business applications. We are your contact partner when it comes to data analysis consulting or assistance in the evaluation of empirical work, surveys, experiments, trials or clinical trials. We offer you data analysis consulting and services with the help of SPSS, R, Stata or Excel at the highest level.

No matter if you need help with the planning of experiments, the setting up and checking of your hypotheses or the interpretation of your data, we are there for you and accompany you on your way to a successful homework assignment, seminar paper, thesis (bachelor thesis, master thesis, diploma thesis), dissertation or scientific Publication. The support in the data analysis is usually online z. Eg via Skype. Our data analysis service can be booked nationwide and internationally.

Data analysis service and advice for students

With our data analysis service to support, advice and help with data analysis and data analysis, we support students and doctoral students of all disciplines such. B. Psychology, sociology, medicine, biology or economics. If, for example, you have already conducted a survey or study professional writing services and need help with professional evaluation, visualization and interpretation, then you are in the right place. But even at the very beginning of a work, it can be very helpful to learn to discuss the research question and to formulate it correctly.

Overview – Data Analysis Services

Statistical data analysis with SPSS, R, Stata
With us you get a sense of data and learn to use statistical methods safely. This includes the evaluation by means of data analysis software (eg SPSS software, R program, Stata, SAS, STATISTICA) as well as the necessary basic mathematical understanding. With your successful data analysis you can gain insights, on which further work and decisions can build.

Data analysis consulting and coaching

Often, students and doctoral students have the need to not only evaluate the data obtained, but also to understand how the systematic evaluation of the data, the visualization of the results and their interpretation works. That’s why coaching is an important part of this package. In addition to the learning effect, this type of collaboration also provides better, more targeted results on average.

Statistical data analysis without pronounced coaching

If the time is short, we can also help you with the “pure” data analysis without pronounced coaching. However, it will not work without communication and coordination, because of course every data analysis also has a goal and this we have to discuss with you and also go through the already determined data.

Carefree package for statistical data analysis

Are you looking for a worry-free package for the analysis of your data? We can help you with all aspects of data analysis as well as the milestones ahead. This includes the design of surveys and experiments (design of experiments), their implementation (for example, of online surveys), as well as the collection of data (eg from online surveys, export from databases, conversion and import into data analysis software).

Help with experiment planning and conception of a survey

Often students and doctoral students are overwhelmed with the experimental design or the conception of the survey. Many important factors must be considered at the beginning, so that the attempt or the survey is not already fundamentally wrong. Which hypotheses should be checked? Which significance levels should serve as a basis? How big should the sample size be? Which scales should be used? With all these questions we can help you!

Further – Data Analysis Services

Help with the implementation of surveys
If all questions and requirements for the planned survey have been clarified and the survey itself has been designed (see previous paragraph), we can also help you with the concrete implementation of the surveys. Many surveys are now online (online survey). Together with you we can realize the online forms and help you with the extraction of data (export, import, conversion).

Help with the visualization of data and results

Once all data has been collected, it can be further processed for further evaluation and visualization with data analysis software such as SPSS, R, Stata, SAS, STATISTICA or even MS Excel. Often it concerns positional parameters, bar graphs, scatterplots, boxplot diagrams, pie charts, distributions and the presentation of the results of test procedures. Our data analysis experts can help you here.

Help interpret the results

You have already done some preliminary work and the data gained has been systematically analyzed and visualized but it still lacks the interpretation? You are unsure whether the data analysis was performed correctly or whether your data meet the requirements of the hypothesis tests used? Do not worry, we can help you here, too. First, we have to see if your assumptions were meaningful and the analysis of the data was done correctly. Then we can interpret the results together.

Verification of your data evaluation

Have you analyzed your data and want a data analysis expert to look over it and give you feedback? One of our statisticians will either go through your evaluations with you or on your own, ask questions if necessary, and systematically provide you with feedback on the things that stand out to him (for example hypotheses, requirements of hypothesis testing, sample size, scale levels, significance levels, distributions).