Have you thought about the weather?

Have you thought about the weather

Have you ever played football yourself? Can you imagine the weather making a difference? A damp lawn in fog simply feels different underfoot than a sun-dried green that is hard and cracked underfoot. For today’s professional football, the weather is also important in terms of temperature, humidity, wind and solar radiation. Above a certain level of humidity and temperature, the performance of many people drops enormously – successful soccer players are only human.

So even in the Bundesliga, the weather matters when it comes to betting odds. In addition to the weather, the lighting conditions, the motivation due to certain constellations and other small things play a role. Today you will become a pro when it comes to Bundesliga betting if you include these little things in your analyses. An example in terms of motivation: When FC Schalke 04 meets Borussia Dortmund, the game is very different than if St. Pauli were the opponent…

Value of the games – today football is more important than tomorrow

Value of the games

You don’t have to bet on a friendly match. It just doesn’t matter enough, and most teams don’t take the game terribly seriously either. For this reason, there are often quite unexpected results on the board after the 90 minutes played. Also important: If a team has reached the KO phase in the preliminary round of the Champions League or Europa League. Nobody tries too hard then. The coaches usually only send B teams onto the field. These games are simply handled differently when wagering.

Statistics, form curves, line-ups, numbers, facts – sports betting scientifically

Successful sports betting doesn’t have much to do with chance. They are based on knowledge. The best bet is always the one that caused a lot of headaches. Safe bets only come with lots of calculations and analysis. We’ll help you with that. You will find numerous statistics here today and for every other day. Go through the statistics at your leisure. Also, before placing a bet, be sure to review the lineups for each game. Compare the lineups with those in previous games. Has it ever happened in this form in the Bundesliga? How exactly did the numbers look there? You gather facts like a pro. We provide you with the numbers from football. Back your bets today with thorough analysis backed by facts – these are safe bets.

Surebets – possible with a lot of knowledge


Surebets are sports bets that guarantee a win regardless of the outcome of the bet. You don’t just make a bet like that on the side. Surebets are the result of extensive analysis and mathematical calculations. For safe surebets, however, do not analyze game results, but rather the odds of as many bookmakers as possible. Some betting portals offer this service: The surebets that are currently appearing on the betting market are displayed in real time. This makes sense and can guarantee a safe bet more than your own calculations. Because the algorithm is not as error-prone when it comes to processing a lot of information in a short period of time. However, only listed bookmakers are taken into account by the portals. This does not mean that all other bookmakers work dubious or are not trustworthy. They are just not listed. If you do your own calculations, you should include as many bookmakers as possible in the analysis for safe sports betting.

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