Worthwhile Efforts: Surebets always win

Worthwhile Efforts

Why are there bets that always win? That shouldn’t be possible in football, should it? Surebets are possible. It’s the same in the Bundesliga as in any other game in football or any other sport: the bookmakers always calculate their betting odds themselves. He does this by taking the betting market and many other factors into account. Bookmakers use statistics, look at the current form of each team and player.

These various factors do not yet result in a safe bet, but they are the best basis for a fairly high probability of occurrence. And this is then reflected in the amount of the betting odds. Betting always works the same way: if FC Bayern Munich plays against a club from the third division, for example, FC Bayern Munich will probably win. You don’t have to be an expert to come to this conclusion.

Accordingly, the betting odds on the third division will be rather high, while the odds on a win by FC Bayern Munich will be low. Exactly how high or low which rate is depends on the previously mentioned factors. And the odds are a little different for each bookmaker. This is not only the case in the Bundesliga, but in all sports betting. If the betting odds are really the same, all available betting odds can be compared. If they match, there are so-called surebets.

The special thing about surebets is that the outcome of the game doesn’t really matter, because the safe bet always wins. In most cases, the safe profit for surebets is in the range of 0.5% to 5%. It also depends on the baseline. A safe sports bet is made with at least two, but more likely three different betting providers bonuses. In addition, it should be ensured that the profit is actually settled. Because if the n doesn’t happen, the surebets fall over. Since the betting market is constantly changing, bookmakers’ odds also change frequently.

The odds are actually constantly recalculated for 24 hours. It is advisable to have the betting account open on the computer screen when searching for surebets, as this saves time. Even if a football game lasts 90 minutes: With surebets, time is of the essence. Especially when the odds advantage is small, the next update from the bookmakers can ruin everything.

Win sports bets – and then?

Win sports bets

Of course, you should do everything you can to only bet on the best odds. Because then the account balance increases, and that’s exactly what’s so much fun. Sports betting pays off, in the truest sense of the word. So you should definitely look at the football betting odds comparison before making any tips. It is also worth taking a look at the sports betting tax, which is calculated differently by each bookmaker.

The taxes directly affect the profit posted to the account. Making sports bets without a betting tax is rather difficult today because there has been a 5% betting tax in Germany since mid-2012. Today, this applies to all bets placed online and offline. Tax exemptions are not planned. The only exception: the bookie takes over the tax burden for you. This means that the bookmakers pay the 5% tax and pass it on to the responsible tax office. Even if it doesn’t look like it, in this case you pay the betting tax via fees and stakes. Examples of providers who will take care of the tax for you are Tipico, Guts and Big Bet World. But Tonybet and 1xBet do that too.

For these providers, taking over your taxes means a competitive advantage, because they are of course more inclined to bet “tax-free”. First and foremost is the acquisition of new customers. In principle, all players who place sports bets and are resident in Germany are subject to tax. You should be able to see relatively quickly whether the bookie takes over the taxes for you or not in the conditions of the respective provider. If this is not transparent, the provider is not serious.

Why now betting tax? The betting providers did not always have to collect them. Today you pay betting tax of 5% on your stake or on your winnings (depending on the bookmaker, check the terms and conditions). For all sports bets, i.e. football and Bundesliga as well as tennis, horses and basketball, including live bets, all domestic and foreign betting providers are obliged to levy this betting tax of 5%. This applies as long as they offer bets in Germany.

Where the provider is based is just as irrelevant as the outcome of the bet. Because the taxes are not levied on successful sports bets (i.e. winnings), but on the bet itself. Quite understandable when the betting providers pass these taxes on to the customers to a large extent today. As long as this happens in a way that is transparent even for beginners, that’s perfectly fine.

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